"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions." ~Albert Einstein

Taking Mona

Feature Length Film - Historical Drama

Based on the incredible true story behind the most famous art theft the world has ever known, and responsible for popularizing the most recognizable painting ever made.

"TAKING MONA has a great concept of truly grand historic value. A true life story that has somehow gone missing from the modern zeitgeist for far too long. At play is a crystal clear delineation between multiple timelines, rendering a fractured series of events with stark clarity, which is a rare quality."
- Blacklist.com

The Apparition

Feature Length Film - Apocalyptic Thriller

A man must travel through riots and chaos to get his wife and newborn child to safety after an apparition seen by everyone in the world unravels society in apocalyptic ways.

"This script really grabbed me on the very first page. The presentation and the dialogue were written in a way that it felt professional and smooth."
- Script Reader Pro

"The reader is able to clearly visualize many elements of the script as they are unfolding, which speaks to the overall cinematic nature of the writing."
- The Black List


TV Pilot - Action / Thriller

A woman with a secret, in a past that she can’t remember, finds herself dodging bullets and running for her life when a mysterious envelope lands in her possession.

"There is no doubt that this is an exciting pilot. There is no doubt that you are setting up a world for us that feels new and different, while at the same time fresh and familiar. You make us feel comfortable in this world as you pull us into it..."
- Script Reader Pro

Jurassic Ghost

Feature Length Film - Sci-Fi Horror / Action / Comedy

A High School student and Paleontologist battle the spirit of a Tyrannosaurus-Rex when it's awoken and terrorizes their Montana town.

"The structure flows very nicely and each scene flows into the next with solid precision. It is also clear to see that you have employed the three act structure within this script which is always satisfying. ..."
- HORROR Underground

"The dialogue may prove to be the script’s selling point. The conversations between the characters are fluid and dynamic. Moreover, the dialogue doesn’t want to describe the action, but to support it instead."
- The Golden Script

Space Race

Feature Length Film - Sci-Fi Adventure / Action

After a horrible accident claims the life of one of his crew, a pilot comes back to race in the ultimate space race and take down the man who wronged him.

"...this is a fun story. Overall, you are doing a lot of things right. Your character work is really strong, and that’s what needs to be there for a movie this big to work and to get the right people paying attention. The other aspect that needs to work is the world-building, and you’ve done a great job with that as well."
- Script Reader Pro

Gate Guard

Feature Length Film - Action

On his first day working security, an ex-con stumbles upon dead security guards and after a cat and mouse game with the killer, he learns a shocking truth about his employer.

First draft finished and working on edits.
- Matthew Walsh

The Sacred Band

Feature Length Film - Historical Action

Based on the incredible true story of an elite Ancient Greek military unit whose invincibility on the field of battle was only rivaled by their sacred love to each other.

Currently in pre-draft stage.
- Matthew Walsh